Are these words tashl7it??

These are some darija words that don’t seem to be arabic or french, was wondering if they were tashl7iit

wa5a- wakha- ok

khezou- carrots

are these tashl7it words??


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They are both ! both darija & tashel7it say “wakha” & “khezzo”, but as i remember there’s another word for khezzo in tashel7it.

yes! thank you so much paperbird!!
but i meant the origin…
so the origin is tashel7iit right?
not arabic…

what about bezzaf?

its origin is in chil7a too right?

wakh comes from fos7a arabic verb “wakha”, i don’t know about khezzoo…& no idea about bzzaf !! sorry :slight_smile:

what does the fos7a arabic verb wakha mean?
how do you spell it in arabic?

So I found this in the arabic dictionary:

??? ???
It means to intend; purpose

I guess that’s what wakha comes from!
Like, ok, I intend to…