arab presenter vs french one

loooooolll look at the miss arab hhhh she looks like a barby hhhhhhhhhhhh


lol is the arab presenter lebanese??? i think the french one looks more natural & nice -even though she has heaps of makeup too-

Of course she has…the video maker wrote “devine beauty without any extra make up”, i guess he needs glasses.

looooollll i didn’t understand the arabic writing, thanks for telling me, what a loserrrrr the video maker is :lol:

ofcourse she had a make up … u cant pose in front of a camera without make up …
but what he wanted to say that she is pretty without it while the arab one is a monster with it :smiley:

The earrings & jeans killllled it

loooollllll she is like a jjenia hhh

you know after second thoughts the arab one doesn’t look THAT bad… maybe i’m thinking that coz i’m getting used to her appearance now after watching it again lol

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i think ppl like u who chose her as miss arab looll


and ppl like you that tell her to wear earrings with her picture on it

no no no im against make up ana :smiley: i like natural girls

hhhh since when was earrings considered makeup?

I think since some fashionists started wearing dishes in their ears :huh:

looooll no no i was talkin in general

lolllll @ dishes, i see ppl all over wearing like a HUGE round thing between the whole of their ear, like this it’s grooooooooooooossssssss