April Fools

Did anyone try to fool you? Did you get fooled?

A friend almost got me. He said something, and then quickly said it was a lie :hap:. Another person made an attempt, but it was too obvious, my first response was “kdbat Abril”. On the local radio, there was also an April fools’ jokie I was told about.

All in all, I wasn’t really fooled. And from my side, I didn’t try to fool anyone. I wasn’t in the mood so I found it to be too silly.

What about you all?

I did manage to fooled my brother, L0L xD

I didn’t ever try to fool anyone and no one tried to fool me either. Even my mother who’s birth is on April fool hasn’t been fooled… Maybe next year then!

I find it pretty ridiculous.

perhaps some body find it funny but personally i don’t assess it!:hm: