Any Photoshop Loosers?

I just feel like every internet user out there knows how to use Photoshop, even with the most simple basics, and can manage finding their way editing pictures and doing cool stuff with them. And well, that “every internet user” does not include myself. I don’t have photoshop installed on my computer, and although I need it very badly, I still don’t have it nor “learned it”. A typical photoshop looser!
Anyone around to join the club?

Maybe you will not trust me, but I don’t know how to use it and like you I don’t have it on my PC.:flag:
Le plus étonnant encore, c’est que je l’ai déjà eu en cours et que c’est parmi les bases de métier des gens comme moi.
Mais là, c’est un autre sujet!:mdr:

Since you had a course of Photoshop, then at least you used it once or twice. That’s already a start! :hap:
I never installed it, never used it, and want so badly to learn it… Or maybe I’ll find an alternative… Gimp :D.

I used Photoshop (currently is not installed on my PC) and it’s the king of picture editors surely. And it’s not difficult to grow in learning period. But the latest versions are so “heavy” for my old and tired computer. I use Macromedia Fireworks (v 8.0) instead of Adobe Photoshop. For me, Fireworks is simplier to make images for “just only web pages”.

But as you know Adobe bought Macromedia and now both softwares are of Adobe’s. If you dislike Photoshop for any reason I strongly recommend Fireworks.

The last word is if your computer is enough powerful don’t miss Photoshop CS3 (latest version has incredible features) but if you look for an older version of a professional picture editor try Photoshop 6.0 or Fireworks 8.0.

I have Photoshop 7.0 installed on my PC, last time I used it was for a happy new year card (Yesterday) but I am not really good at this, I am just in the bigening, and I really don’t need to show anyone my 'IBDA3ATY" loooooooooool

With this link you will learn basics (in videos+in french) then you will do whatever you want :smiley: just INSTALL IT

photoshop c’est juste une question de pratique, y a des milliers et des milliers de tutorial pour photoshop, faut juste avoir la volonté :smiley:
voici le 1er tutoriel, la 1ere " chose" que j’ai crée sous photshop TUX
ça fait mnt presque 2ans que j’utilise photshop a une moyenne de 3 fois/jours.

So Asmaa, where are you with Photoshop, show us your “inventions” :stuck_out_tongue:

ya…good subject

I need to know more about photoshop!!

You know where I could get it for free?

From derb ghellef :p, I am joking (derb ghellef is a place where everything is free)

Otherwise I don’t have any idea.