any moroccan movie with english subtitle?

is there any moroccan movie with english subtitle? Is it sold online?

There’s one free, either to watch online or download it (if you know how)

the movie is : “symphoniya al maghrebiya” = the moroccan symphony, it’s a cool one, probably the only moroccan movie that i confess its sth cool.
The movie talk abouta bunch of musicians, which have musical abilities, but no financial ones.
their dream is to play their symphony in London…etc, & the movie also show some poverty of the country.

I recently saw A Thousand Months on (Finnish) telly and quite enjoyed it. Here’s a review; I’m sure you can get it subtitled to English as well :hap:

There are Moroccan movies with French subtitles, im not sure about English though… if you’re interested in Darija movies with French subtitles, there are movies like R7imou that you can watch, although i didn’t really like it it’s good for darija practice… there’s CasaNegra and Ali Zouaia (sp?) too but they are a little overrated, ie. too many foul words + inappropriate scenes, besides they’re in french subtitles so i don’t think you’d find that relevant… but let us know what u find…
Good luck!

U can watch this one called Marock, it s with English subtitles :