Any and compounds.


is there any message for me?
no, there isn’t any.

will you do anything?- no, i will not do anything.

is there anybody home? - no, there isn’t anybody home.

i can’t find my glasses anywhere.

hicham will be there anyway.

they will not survive anyhow.

There is no difference between some and any in Moroccan.

anybody:?chi 7ed
anything:?ay 7aja
anywhere:?f ay blassa
anywayf ay 7al=anyhow:?hakdak, b ay 7al

is there any message for me?wach tma kayna chi rissala liya?
no, there isn’t any.lla, makayna 7ta chi 7aja

will you do anything?ghadi dir chi 7aja?- no, i will not do anything.lla, maghadich ndir 7ta chi 7aja

is there anybody home? wach kayn chi 7ed tma f dar?- no, there isn’t anybody home.lla, makayn 7ta chi 7ed f dar

i can’t find my glasses anywhere.ma9dartch l9a ndadri f ay blassa

hicham will be there anyway.hicham ghadi ykoun tma f ay 7al

they will not survive anyhow.hakdak maghadinch yb9aw 7ayiin