Any 7adga Moroccan Lady knows how to make 7arsha?

I miss eating 7arsha with atay lol i’d appreciate if anyone knows how to make it
i’m new to this whole cooking thing so please go easy on me and give me easy instructions to how to make it, I just learned how to make tea so i’m so excited to learn something new

p.s. just because my nick is heavy and it happened that i’m interested in learning how to cook doesn’t mean i’m fat :S

loooooooool @ your p.s, no one said anything, you’re just too paranoid hhhhh

can’t help sorry, im not a ‘Moroccan Lady’ or even 7adga, and i’ve never heard of 7arsha in my life… :smiley:

“So why the hell did you respond to the topic if you have nothing to offer a lalla!!!”

you’re right, sorry, bye :stuck_out_tongue:


are you serious? :SSSSS
Harsha is what makes your darija flows out soooooo smoothly roflol without it your darija is in a serious danger, i ain’t kidding!!!
harsha, harira, atay, rfisa, msemmen lool Darija is culture bound and if you want to speak Moroccan you young lady have to eat Moroccan food {O_°}<---- sorry for the creepy bubbly eye :S

LOL you’ll be surprised that, when I did a google image search of Harsha, the only images that came up were INDIANS, heaps of them!! :smiley: So you like eating Indians for dinner? … interesting taste.

And speaking of Moroccan food, yesterday I tried, I’d like to emphasize on the word TRY, yes I tried to make a Moroccan couscous salad from recipes I found online and I FAILED BIG-TIME!! It was a disaster, I’m so embarrassed… I had to empty the whole bowl into the backyard so the birds can eat it because when I tasted it, I was traumatised… I just hope the innocent birds in the backyard don’t get poisoned :confused:

cuscus salad? lol I feel sorry for the poor birds :S lol just keep trying, i’m sure you’ll make a great cuscus next time inshallah :slight_smile:
harsha is not indian, it’s moroccan, this is a pic so you know how harsha looks like

lol i didn’t say harsha is indian, i said when i did a gooogle search all images of indians came up, indian people.

and that looks yum, what is inside it ?

lol nothing is inside it

huh??? not even nutella??? or or la7m??? or or cheese??? :open_mouth:

lol ok so my question is, if there is nothing inside, why do u love it so much??? for me, its pointless if there is nothing in it :S

loool nothing? not always :slight_smile:

harsha is good … and some people eat it with honey or jam or cheese or butter why not? … on the breakfast for example
but on my point it’s a bit nourishing :stuck_out_tongue:

nay I love harsha or bread with atay lol no cheese or jam no butter ( eww @ butter) lol

why ewww at butter, butter is the best one :smiley: but peanut butter 7ssseeeen yum

I loooove harcha :smiley: I tried making it before, but didn’t turn out that good. So if anyone does have a good simple&detailed recipe, then do share!! :smiley:

okies :slight_smile: well im new to here but at least i can do some good :slight_smile: lol i can give you all a harsha recipie :slight_smile: its supposed to be really good :slight_smile: but i dont like it so i cant vouch for it :slight_smile: BUTTTT :slight_smile: when ive made it before everyone seems to love it…so here it goessss

you will need :
2 cups (250g) fine semolina flour
3 tablespoons sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup (125 g) soft butter
1/2 cup (120 ml) milk
1/4 cup coarse semolina flour (optional)

then you do this :wink: :
in a mixing bowl put the fine semolina flour, sugar, baking powder & salt :slight_smile: then give it a bit of a mix :slight_smile: then add the butter and blend well (i use my hands but you can use a blender)
then add the milk :slight_smile: and mixxx :slight_smile: it should be in a dough form now, quite moist and easily packed (but not sticky - if you need a bit more milk add a teaspoon at a time, or if youve put too much milk, add a sprinkle of fine semolina flour to make the constistancy right)
then seperate the dough into balls (i tend to make them small, but obviously the bigger balls the bigger harsha youll have at then end) and leave this to rest for a few mins
then you start heatinf up your frying pan, over medium heat :slight_smile:
OPTIONAL - roll the balls in coarse semoline (gives it nice texture and appearance)
flatten each ball so its about 1/4 inch thick and round in shape (although sometimes we play around and make funny shaped harsha - great if youve got kids who want to help out)
cook the harsha for about 7 to 10mins in each side, only turn it once during cooking, and you know they are ready when they are a golden colour (but do check that they arent cooking too quickly bcoz it needs to cook inside, not just outside, so alter your heat accordingly)
then its all cooked :slight_smile: serve immidiatly (bcoz its nice and warm)
or you can freeze, or put in the fridge and warm up as you want it :slight_smile:

hope you all enjoy :slight_smile:

mmmmmmm choukran alella

la chokran 3la wijb :slight_smile: hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

makeinach 7archa 7san min 7archa fassia mn lme7leba avec kass d raib mmmm

woah!!! it’s been a long time since i asked abt the recipe, subhanallah times fly by
anyways, this is not the harsha i was talking about, this sounds like the one my sisters does and I dont eat it lol
i like the harsha we use in rfisa … the one without milk just the semolina flour that we use in cuscus, oil, salt and water thats all
mom and I cooked it, well she did and i watched … we make a good team lol she cooks and I eat
thanks for the efforts though @lella Ita

HeavyGuest if you’re still around, I know how to make the harsha you’re talking about. My original recipe measured everything in tea glasses but I’ve adapted it.

1 and 1/2 cups (3 tea glasses) semolina
1/2 cup oil (1 tea glass) You can do less, especially if you’re going to put butter inside.
1/2 teaspoon salt.

Mix all this together until the oil is distributed. Then mix in enough water to make a dough that is not too sticky and will hold together in a smooth ball when you pick it up.

Put a frying pan on the stove with a LOW flame. Sprinkle some semolina on the frying pan. Put the dough in and pat it down till it is a circle of the thickness you want. Cook for 15 minutes. Then turn it over and cook another 10-15 minutes.

Split open and spread with butter and honey!

Thank you, Meknesiya !!

… im not moroccan but i really like moroccan cuisine and harsha of course to, and i’d like to try to make it at home … maybe im askin a stupid question but what oil do u mean in ur recipe ? :roll:

Touta, I use canola oil, but any kind of vegetable oil will be fine. (Although I’ve never used olive oil - the women who taught me in Meknes used regular vegetable oil)