anti barla?

Anti barla … lakin… 3am ba7lam
Ana jay ya 3omri
ana ba7lam biki

i don’t understand the first line something… dream

I am strong? my life?
I dream of you?

is this right?

Thanks all :slight_smile:

That’s not Moroccan arabic, sounds lebanese or syrian, & it says:
you’re a mule (female mule)…but…i’m dreaming
i’m coming (to you) my life
i’m dreaming of you

hahah!! yes now i see it. i thought maybe it was like “you are a horse but i’m dreaming of you anyway” lol!!!

thank you paperbird. my friend is from morocco so it is def his version of moroccan - spelling is a problem. it was after i said:
enta 7mar lakin 3am faker feek… so it makes sense.

THANKS :slight_smile: lol

Actually, it’s not a matter of spelling Moroccan Arabic, it’s the whole accent. You wrote to him in Levantine Arabic, and he replied in Levantine as well.