Anthropolgy Aid

So I have a favor to ask of you and anyone else reading this forum. I know this is pretty bad forum ettiquite, some may say hshuma, but as I couldn’t find an email posted on the site, this turned out to be the only other option I could think of. I’m sorry. At any rate, I am an American Anthropology student studying abroad in Morocco for the semester. Currently, I’ve resided here for a bit over 2 months, and have gotten to know and begin becoming comfortable with the language, culture and food. Particularly the food. As such, the fieldwork (which is required by my program), incorporates foodways in an interesting way. I mean to collect narratives, recipes, and oral histories of the significance food plays in Moroccan life. In other words, I want particular moroccan’s food stories; and what better medium to find some than online (I know it would be more productive to broadcast this in darija but hey, I’ve only been here a couple of months, I’m not that comfortable!). Any help with this ethnographic work (resources, contacts, participation) would be beyond appreciated, and I suppose I’m trying to appeal to everybody’s sympathetic side to help out a poor liberal arts kid through the avenue of food. Thanks first for reading this, and thanks even more if you decide to participate.

awe good luck … i will c what i can do for u … but not now , im busy a lil bit

welcome, ArtisanAnthro :slight_smile:
I am sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re looking for. Would a Moroccan cuisine TV show help you for example? There is that show where the host goes to various parts of Morocco, and gets authentic recipes from Moroccan women who try them out on national TV. would that help you?