Another translation request


How do one say, “I want to go to Morocco in April to study Moroccan Arabic and for cultural immersion for two weeks. Is two weeks enough? Are there any good language centres in Morocco that can be recommended?”

Syukran jazilan, in advance for the help!

Wa 3alaykom assalam :).

Bghit nmshi lelmghrib joj simanat f sh-hr rb3a, bash nqra ddarija lmghribiyya w 3la ttaqafa. Wash joj simanat kafyin? Wash kaynin shi marakiz dyal lloghat f lmghrib lli tqdr tns7ni bihom?

The exact translation is:
I want to go to Morocco for two weeks in April, to study Moroccan Darija and for the sake of culture. Are two weeks enough? Are there any language centers in Morocco that you (masculine singular) can recommend to me?

And in Arabic letters:
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