is this something to put in tea? what exactly?

3anbar ! it’s sth just like Misk (musk), used to produce parfums & it’s taken out of the stomach of the Bilaenopetra musculus <— known generaly as “sperm whale”

yeah i put the stomach of a whale into my tea, why not

Never heard of the tea thing, exept for that there’s a Moroccan tea brand called “atay al3anbar”.

There’s “atay al9afila” & “atay swiri” , it doesn’t mean they take it from the 9afila (canvoy) that was passing by Swira

riiiiite lol i think thats what i did…its like theres no cocaine in coca cola…anymore :(((((( jjjjjjjjjjjjj

i bet u do lalla

im dying to know what has been edited, pb if u had subscribed to the post do pm me with the email u got about ach’s post :stuck_out_tongue:

haha i dont even remember…pry just a splling irror

o no now i remember haha

care to share kind bear?

i was tryna go like this :((((((((

but every time i do that it makes an emoticon jjjjjj

so then i tried 2 edit it…but i failed lol

hhhhhh i don’t buy it

well use ur skillz i bet u can look it up…paranooooid :stuck_out_tongue:

bssa7 bssa7 i don’t give a hoot, say wha u want gee ima shine away your hate jjjj


ps unless u couldnt tell im jus doing this 2 paranoid u off

yeb i noticed, just ignoring :^^: