Aminatou Haidar's case and the whole buzz around her

Did you hear about her?
How come no one ever mentioned her here in the forum? Is it because you people think she is not even worth the trouble of talking about her? or you want to avoid sparkling any Morocco-Algerian heated debate?

did non-Moroccans among you hear about her? What do you think of the whole story?

ps: too lazy to post a summary of what happened, look it up and share your perception of it :unsure:

no i heard nothing… what a name btw… sa7rawia?

i didnt want to talk about her … coz simply she wanted to get famous

I didn’t think “i wanna shoot that woman” is worth mentionning !
She said she’s not Moroccan ! & more than that ! she said she’s WestSaharian instead !!!
that’s enough reason for me to shoot her.

If only she kept that to herself, then ma t3rafni ma n3rafha…

lollll shoot her ga3 :d
no no serieu … kon khedmat son pass espagnol w hennat sou9 , darouuuuuuuuri ze3ma tgoul raha polisario … yak 7yatha kamla kadkhel w tkhrej mn lmeghrib b pass khder

It’s just lame… you can’t just enter a country with their passport and then boldly say: I am not one of yours… Logically, you show me a passport you don’t believe in, then what they hell are you trying to do? make some noise?

here is an article (in French) that is not very objective about her return to la3youn:

That’s what i’m talkin about, this unecissary noise…she should’ve kept it to herself & then ma tshootni ma nshoot’ha

iwa that was the whole purpose, they just wanted to put Morocco in the bad-people spot, and be on the victims one…

dude im happy she entered morocco … coz i was tortured everytime i watch tv by lookin at her ugly stinky face … and ppl considers her as che hhhhhhhhhh so retarded

lol @ ugly stinky face

you can smell it from the tv?

loooollll i was imagining how a tuna of 7 days smells :stuck_out_tongue:

no need for all that, just imagine your own smell… and you’ll faint from lack of clean oxygen

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh duuude bi koli tawadi3 Hugo boos asked me to give 'em my smell to put it in bottles and sell it … ghir matfahmnach f taman w safi :^^:

ahaaaa and was this in the middle or the start of the dream? just trying to calculate when u woke up exactly…

yes that was the middle … i always start with girls and end in a jail :no:


omg thank god we will not be havin anymore of the above for as long as mad is away phew! :roll:

word on that :hap:

btw who is this woman anyway?

dunno exactly, too lazy to research but she’s a sa7rawia i assume, who’s an activist kinda thingo