Amazing Video: World Builder

My friend sent me this video, and I love it.


Why is the man hiding though? I like to read comments on the video, some explanations are… intriguing.

[quote=proadmin1]Could be that the therapy is meant to not contain “elements” that could disturb the patient. So perhaps telling a coma victim they are in a coma & the “world” is a simulation leads to some psychic trauma like in “The Matrix”.

It could be 22nd century managed care service where? you only have a short time for therapy - so it’s in & out of the neuroholographic unit to make way for the next patient.

This would explain the time-limit and his hiding instead of having to “explain” her “dream”.[/quote]

Yeah it was nice, i think i agree though with the person who said that the person who is in coma shouldn’t see anyone or anything that is familiar to them as it would somehow cause the trauma to prevail, and the point of the therapy is to cure their trauma. anyway it was really creative, the start was a bit draining but the actual touching of colours etc was fascinating…