Amazigh name ban in Morocco

I just read this news article Click regarding the the ban on berber names for newborns and i’m wondering why the government would do such a thing? i know that the king is doing a lot to grant more rights to the Amazigh population so why this? isn’t it a contradiction? what do you think?

I’ve read it b4 but on another site, i think it’s straight up messed up… how can they do such a thing, one should be able to name their children to whatever pleases you. I can’t see what’s the harm, with naming your children with Amazigh names rather than Arabic names?

that’s my question Tafoukt, WHY would they do it? they must have a reason right… i wanna know what it is

za3ma…that is heinous:roll:
so sad…:no:

to try and dismiss a culture from which almost every Moroccan comes from :roll:

trueee, i hope they change this law soon