Allah ystor

… i think i know what this means but im not sure if it means what i think it means… yalla tell me what it means :smiley:

and also “khtart”…

Khtart is “I choosed”, might also be “khtarit”. “Allah yster” is literally “God forbid”.

I think that’s syrian “ystor”, cuz the egyptien is “yostor” & the Moroccan is “yster”& they all mean like Shika said.

but yster means to veil (between 2 things), or to seperate/forbid (sth from sth)…
str = the opposit of to be exposed
mstoor/ra = covered, secretive, unseen/unknown…etc

so Allah yster literally means May Allah “not” expose…, but in the contexts it often means May Allah forbid/protect

Perfect PB, you said it all ;).

thanks guys :slight_smile:

if you hadn’t told me which was which, i would think ystor is moroccan and yster is syrian, since they say kil instead of kol :blink: and they try to have a soft accent…