Allah & Elohim: jewish god or arab pagan moon god ?

The guy (a Yemeni jew) is a lil harsh on evangelical missionaries, but what i find more interesting is the talk about language (hebrew/arabic). amazing.


thanks for sharing bro, im gonna watch it soon inshallah… just gotta get some stuff outta the way

loool “i dont know how they do it but they do it” its sooo true, its hard to see where they take their claims from, so messed up walla…

this was soo interesting and informative, thanks for sharing… I loved what he said at the end, Allah is the perfect word for God. sb7anallah

Well I have just seen this your video and I just want to say that its really very decent. I totally agree with LallaAïcha. The another thing is that to share such video with us thats really very nice idea.

lol i love when banned members agree with me, makes me feel cool :cool: :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw this video on youtube out of coincidence … im surprise to see it here… hehe cool and no i dont think he was harsh on evangelicals… these people are really crazy and radicals… i know i used to be one of them but el7amdulilah i am now moslima ! <3

:slight_smile: thanks for the vid ! subhanllah ! Allah is indeed the most beautiful and perfect word !!!