Algerian: ghani aleikum (lyrics)

This is part of a song from one of my favourite bands, Orange Blossom. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the lyrics anywhere, so this is just my rough and unknowledgeable transcription of what I imagine to hear. I assume it’s Algerian since the lead singer is Algerian. The song is called “Maldito” (if you want to listen to it, check Youtube or Spotify). The only thing I have any inkling of is “ghani[y?] aleikum”, which I suspect to be something like “independence for you” - is that remotely thinkable? Anyway, here’s what I catch (without really knowing what to separate out as particles of what):

wa-lakin nakille hawaw
ghaniy, ghaniy aleikum
wa-a [l]lakin nakille hawaw
mghaniy aleikum

limaa 'ala bin hum shi binaw

walakin fii li-ll[e]hawa
lima 'ala bin hum shi binawa (or bin nawa?)
iHgrou iHgrou

Shukran kteer for any insights :yes:

You sure that’s not chinese ? :blink: all i could recognize is “ghani alikum” which means “i sing about you” !

& “walakin” which means “but”…

EDIT: i listened t the song, i couldn’t figure out what that “hawaw” means ! i couldn’t even understand what she’s saying, she sounds Algerian but with a strange accent !

Thanks Papry! Well I imagine it could be Chinese… :hm::smiley: But wa lakin & limaa & 'ala led me to believe otherwise :huh: I imagine some words look strange as I wrote them because she probably stretches syllables to fit the melody (like wa-allakin which could be just wa-a-a lakin)… But you say it sounds strange as well? In what way is her accent peculiar - peculiar as in non-native, or peculiar as in unfamiliar? Maybe some Algerian could shed some light on this :hap:

I couldn’t find the song you’re talking about, can you post it? (You’re allowed to post Youtube videos, you know).

But I found another song by Orange Blossom - Habibi:


It’s exactly the same style as Natacha Atlas (which I don’t like at all), and same accent. One can indeed tell that the person singing is not a native speaker. She is not articulating very well, and I can hardly understand what she is singing.

Here’s the song.

Listen to this, it’s “Ilham” (inspiration) which i personaly like (for the music more than the lyrics) by the Algerian singer Sou3ad Massi, it’s unlike the song above, sung in the normal Algerian accent that’s close to the Moroccan.

Guys, you’re breaking my heart! :cry::cry: I thought I was learning something… well, something real. :flag: And besides I trusted it to be real Arabic, not… fake. :wall::hospital:

:rofl: its not fake ! it’s just adjusted in certain style to fit with the style of the music.

Oh good, Papers, you really had me scared for a moment there :stuck_out_tongue: Though the music I still like whatever the Arabic is like :wink: - and I think the voice and the singing suits the music very well. I checked Youtube for Natasha Atlas but I really don’t see any similarity though - and I definitely didn’t like it :no: But Ilham was nice! :okay:

Just to report back on this, I now have the English for what this is supposed to mean :^^:

Here goes:

Within the love of the world
I sing about you
For the love of mankind
I sing about you

And those who take the
mickey out of us
The love of mankind
how dare they talk?

(And the last bit that I didn’t even manage to scribble down as I heard it, was too cryptic for my ears)
Why do those powers make
us suffer?
We’re sick of submitting.

Now, I’d love to know what it is that they’re saying for “take the mickey out of us” (=take the piss out of us, make fun of us) :D. And how you would say it in Moroccan. Might come in handy nhâr wahd :wink:

I see there still be lines in your english translation that doesn’t match with lines from your first lyrics, it must be an Algerian Tamazight or sth !!

Hmm, curious. I hope your Tamazight theory holds true, I’d hate to be cheated on the Arabic :mad: