Algeria, Tunisia & Egypte in "Angola 2010"

[large] Algeria vs Egypte[/large] part II

The seeding before the draw:

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4

Angola [color=#1C03FB]Tunisia[/color] Zambia Burkina Faso
[color=#FB0303]Egypte[/color] Nigeria Benin Mozambique
Cameroon Ghana [color=#4DB53F]Algeria[/color] Gabon
Cote d’Ivoir Mali Togo Malawi

The Draw of the african cup of nations:

Group A Group B Group C Group D

Angola Cote d’Ivoir [color=#FD0B01]Egypt[/color] Cameroon
Malawi Burkina Faso Nigeria Gabon
Mali Ghana Mozambique Zambia
[color=#1DE519]Algeria[/color] Togo Benin [color=#0461FA]Tunisia[/color]

The tournament will start this January, & according to the system of qualifications there’s noway Egypte & Algeria can meet again EXEPT IF:

  • both qualify to 2nd round
  • both continue winning & qualifying, & if they do…
  • they will absolutely meet in final, which is the only possible match they can meet in (always according to the tournament system)


  • Egypte can meet Tunisia in either 2nd or 3rd round if they both continue winning, & it’s impossible they can both reach the final.
  • Algeria, the only match where they can meet Tunisia is the final, if they both continue winning.

Note: according to the seeding system before the draw, Egypte, Algeria & Tunisia could have been in the same group.

this is the africa cup? :unsure:

Yeah right, the African cup that Morocco could’ve qualified if he got 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the previous group qualifications…but they chose to be last :no:

where’s Morocco?

oooooh no point in watching it anymore then :smiley:

We have Egyptunigeria :^^:

lol no algeria is enough for me :stuck_out_tongue:

unfair :s group A darou fih ghir lwa3rin :open_mouth:

I made a huge mistake, that was the SEEDING not the draw, here’s are the groups (i corrected the 1st post)
But still, what i said according to the tournament system does not change…

Group A Group B Group C Group D

Angola Cote d’Ivoir [color=#FD0B01]Egypt[/color] Cameroon
Malawi Burkina Faso Nigeria Gabon
Mali Ghana Mozambique Zambia
[color=#1DE519]Algeria[/color] Togo Benin [color=#0461FA]Tunisia[/color]

ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuufff khle3tini a sat lool ana cheft group A golt safi l CAF had l3am mamnhach lol

lol i couldn’t tell the difference.

see…in such tournament, before they make the draw to set th eteams into groups, there’s sth callled the seeding.
Counting on many things, such as FIFA ranking & performance in the few previous tournaments, the teams are seeded into pots, the firts pot always contains the highest ranked which are usually called group heads…

this seeding make the draw result in groups with different level teams (that’s why u don’t find for example France & Brazil in same group in WC, or Italy & Argentina…etc)

The seeding i potsed firts had the most powerful teams in same pot, but i mistakenly wrote groups, that why Mad was shocked…

Got it now ? Lalla :slight_smile:

iwa i did. thanks for your encyclopedic explanation.

thank the lord we’re not vs Egypt again phew! :blink: unless whatever papers said would happen lol

:rofl: its not me that says, thats’ the system things works by :ok:
briefly & without complications: if Algeria & Egypt continue winning matches, they’ll meet each other in the final <— as simple as possible :wink:

at that case, it doesn’t matter if Algeria loses to Egypt, cuz they would have reached the final & that’s sth they didn’t achieve since a long age, right ? :slight_smile:

i just dont want anymore matches against them again! lol and to go through that headache lol are there good teams in the ACN like who r the biggies here? coz to me this doesnt seem that hard compared to the wc or ec :unsure:

i agreeeeeee, no more head breaking for them :no:

Abu Trika (incompététif), Mohamed Barakat et Amr Zaki (blessés) ne participeront pas à la CAN du côté égyptien.
Du côté Tunisien, les aigles de Carthage s’envoleront demain mercredi 30 décembre 2009 à 14h, pour un stage à Abu Dhabi du 30 décembre au 7 janvier 2010 dans le cadre de la préparation pour la CAN ANGOLA 2010.
A noter que la Tunisie a limogé l’ex-entraineur Coelho pour le remplacer par Faouzi Benzarti (entraineur de l’E.S.T aussi) dés la disqualification du Mondial, en Novembre dernier.
En Algérie, le coach national Rebah Sâadane demande aux supporters de ne pas mettre trop la pression aux joueurs et de se mettre comme objectif “juste le passage au deuxième tour”.
Donc pour la Finale, ça attendra…
Sinon, nchalla la Tunisie se chargera de ne pas laisser passer les égyptiens à un tour avancé.

inchallah :smiley:

vive la tunisie :za: