ajiw choufou dari

bel7aq ma tjiwch
3a twaskhou lefrach

wow now thats my type of house…or one type of house i like lol

:no: i wont show this to my wife ( i mean my future wife :stuck_out_tongue: )

what if ur wife is… za3ma… fel forum?

what is the rapid way to get suicide .: jumpin from twin center or drinkin mercury ???

malak zerbane?
kmi garou

so does Bill Gates have any Muslim relatives? :smiley:

edit: that are also looking for a wife hhhh

[quote=Za3ma]malak zerbane?
kmi garou[/quote]

[quote=achminfar9][quote=Za3ma]malak zerbane?
kmi garou[/quote]
kayna wella ma kaynach? :smiley: