ajiw choufou dari 2


oooooooooooh that just makes me mad when i see something like that ouff! :fouet:

omg, sub7anallah… it’s not attractive at all, someone who does that wouldn’t impress me at all, quite the opposite actually

this is sooooooooo anti islamic ideology :s

Normal people spend their money buying things they need, smart ones spend it getting more material to create new living conditions ! stupid people spend it to make others know how much money they have got… and those people ( Im really hesitating if i should call them people or not ) still believe that being rich is almost the same than having a lot of decorated food !! we cannot blame them ! they are living just to cover their bilogical needs they don’t have time to think about something else :wink:

let’s not put labels on peoples and cultures though…


chaba3touni ma3yar

wa koulou w chab3ou baraka men falsafa

i wonder if that thing turns
behal cartes postales
dawwar w khtar

maybe the guy stored that much fruit because he’s gonna give a big feast to a crowd… who knows?

to his entire city maybe???
but they need saf
wahad wahad