Air hostess picks up chocolate bar and wins space trip

[quote]PARIS (Reuters) - A French air hostess will become one of Europe’s pioneer space tourists after picking a chocolate wrapper out of the rubbish and finding a winning number in a competition to fly to the upper reaches of the earth’s atmosphere.

Mathilde Epron, 32, said she had bought a Kit Kat chocolate bar at her local supermarket but initially threw the wrapper in the bin, telling herself that “it’s only others who win”.

Two hours later, thinking back to the competition, she decided to try her luck and fished the wrapper out of the bin, only to find a code marked inside.

“For someone who works in air travel it’s really a dream come true”, she told France Info radio.

A spokeswoman for Nestle in France confirmed that Epron had won the prize to take a flight on a four-seater, fighter-sized aircraft built by Rocketplane, a company that builds aircraft intended to provide cheap flights into space.

She will receive four days of astronaut training in Oklahoma City in the United States before boarding the Rocketplane XP aircraft which will reach an altitude of 100 km (60 miles) and allow a five-minute experience of weightlessness.[/quote]

Kounouz? Elise? Our members in Paris, why wasn’t it one of you getting that kit kat and winning the trip?
Wâ mâ 7aDyîn wâlô!

It sounds like the story of [q]Charles and the chocolate factory [/q] but in the story the poor kid wins the prize…

i never won nothing with such kind of game however i often buy chocolates!

so i think also that it is always others who win!:mad:

one time, i won a place of cinema …that’s all :hm:

That makes it a great topic: Did you ever win something? :smiley:
Join us there!

I’m happy for the french air hostess but, personnally:

  • I don’t eat kit kat so It’s impossible that I win such a thing;
  • I’ve never any chance in games
  • and, especially, I’m not at all attacted by space. There are too many things to discover on earth, people to meet, places to see. Really, I would exchange all the travels into space for just one travel in an other country… Morocco for example! :smiley:

OMG shes so lucky :smiley:
I always eat kitkat and never won a thing :frowning:

I once won a Nokia phone in an online game by held by Nokia. You had to play online games and get high scores. The first 50 were getting a phone and at last I was I guess 49.

And my brother once won a digital camera on the website of Levi’s. That was just totally luck.

Didn’t win anything besides this :frowning:


I was wondering doesn’t she work in space all day, as being a Air hostess ? :lol:

i feel like kitkat now :frowning:
what a yummy chocolate
especially when you’re fasting :stuck_out_tongue: