Aid el Kabir

when is Aid el kabir in italy???
and in morocco is the same day??

what can i write to my moroccan friends?


It’s probably tomorrow in Italy. In Morocco, it’s for Tuesday.
You can use the same 3id greetings you used for 3id lfitr more than 2 months ago, here.

oh oKK, chokran sadi9i l3aziz

I think I explained this before, but I probably didn’t make it clear :).
We don’t say sadiqi in Darija, it’s MSA. And, that’s masculine!
Let me tell you, the best to use would be khti (sister) for a girl, and khoya (brother) for a guy. That’s actually more of the way we speak in Morocco. When a complete stranger helps you with something, you call them by respect brother or sister. This comes from the fact that Muslims consider themselves all brothers and sisters in the sake of God.
I don’t think it would be wrong for you to use even if you are not Muslim, it wouldn’t imply anything.
I hope this clears up things :).

One last thing, if you are addressing a person, you add the preposition a: a khti, a khoya.