Ahmed Soultaaaaaaaaaan

Listen to this beoblez :smiley: “Koula Lila” by zi best :slight_smile:


[color=#e84017][large]Ahmed Soultan - Code[/large][/color]

01 Achkid
02 Mchiti f7lek
03 3isho el 7ayat
04 ?
05 On est tous les mêmes
06 G argaz
07 Nôtre histoire
08 ?
09 Bent nass
10 ?
11 Yallah
12 N3isho el 7yatna kif mabghina
13 ?
14 Achkid (version tamazight-anglais)

Download Album :cool: :okay:

Chukran bzaf Tafoukt for the tracks, i already have the album and its jamming on my ipod :slight_smile: but others can download it if they wish…
:okay: :dance:

How do i say say ur welcome in darija? is it tfaddell? :smiley: Anyways ur welcome :ok:

There’s no song on the album that i dislike :hap:

hahaha no tfaddel means “go ahead”

you’re welcome: you can probably say “la shukran 3ala wajib” or “makayn moskhel” or some other expressions that i can’t remember right now :unsure:

“There’s no song on the album that i dislike” - I AGREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Makayn moshkel that’s what i was looking for :hap:

Do you know what the other tracks i put a ? names is?

Shokran :okay:

You’re welcome. I do not know the official names of them but here is what i came up with f7ali :wink: this is how i named them on my own pc at least…

4 - Always callling me so late … i like the beat so muchhh of this one.

8 - Breathe / Somebody else … <333333

10 - Just too high / You smile

13 - mon coeur / toi et moi <-- i know this one is right for sure. In some places they even call this track r7imou coz its the soundtrack song of it, apparently

:ty: :clap:

Dima :wink:

thanks tafoukt for the album! :smiley:

Np your welcome :slight_smile: