Would be “bezzaf ferhan” if anyone could give me an insight into the mind of moroccan women.
Have grown close to someone and even though she has shown me a great deal of affection I know that in her heart she would prefer an Arab man to a European.

Would like to try and let her but mainly myself down gently without being disrepectful and causing offence to her -


Best bet would be to tell her how you feel, and be honest.

That’s a tough one. I go with stealth’s opinion. Two chances: 1- She wanted to tell you the same, but didn’t know how to deal with it. So you’re sparing her the trouble, and clearing up things for yourself. 2- It’s not what you think, and she probably has no idea that you grew to this conclusion, and will sort things out.
So just ask her directly, I say. Good luck.

Thanks for that - I’ve not grown to the conclusion - I had asked her the question outright as I wanted to get a feeling of where things were going.
Hence the reason for my question


I misunderstood then.
So you want to step back gently… do it just like you’d do with a non Moroccan. Her being a Moroccan wouldn’t make a big difference.
I think that this wasn’t helpful as you’d have expected.


Tomcaffe, it seems that you are in an unenviable position. Best regards.

Good luck!