adverbs - 2 ( your help is needful)

adverbs of time:

adverbs of place:

if possible, add an example for each word, please. Shokran bzaf!!!

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[color=#DF0DF1]adverbs of time:[/color]

 now = [b]Dâbâ.[/b]

Ex: Where are you now? = Fînk dâbâ?
soon = Qrîb (in sha Allah)
Ex: I’ll soon go to Brazil = Ghâdî nmshî lelbrâzîl qrîb (in sha Allah)
still = mâ zâl
Ex: I am still at home = Anâ mâ zâl f ddâr.
then/at that time = hâdîk ssâ3a/ f hâdâk lwqt.
Ex: What were you doing then? = Ash kntî kaddîr (M.S) hâdîk ssâ3a?
tomorrow = Ghddâ.
Ex: Tomorrow is Saturday = Ghddâ ssbt.
nowadays = Hâd liyyâmât.
Ex: Nowadays, everything is expensive = Hâd liyyâmât, kol shî ghâlî.
today = Lyôm/lyôma
Ex: Today is Friday = Lyôma jjm3a.


[color=#E816B2]adverbs of place:[/color]
here = Hnâ
Ex: Here I am here = Hâni hnâ
there = Lhîh
Ex: Mounir is over there = Mounir kâyn lhîh.
everywhere = F kolla blâSa
Ex: God is everywhere = Allah kâyn f kolla blâSa.
around --> Depends on the context.
beside = 7dâ
Ex: I am sitting beside Qamar = Anâ gâlsa 7dâ Qamar.

Tudo bem? :slight_smile:

just one question: I learned: ra-ni hna

Is that also correct?

That’s I’m here.

For more about ra check this:

Nuwwara, you’re such a great help :). Shukran bzzâf.

Both sentences means the same thing, with a slight difference. One can be an answer to “where are you”, and the other can be just a statement on its own. But don’t worry, just use whatever you like of the two.

Hehe, I love that I learnt something and I want to share that with the others as much as I get help myself.