ach dher lik

What means this expression??

I’ve found in the context (buying a shirt) that it could mean “what do you think of”.
is “dher” a verb???

Another expression in a shop : ach hebb lkhater, i know that hebb is a verb meaning love

That’s right, “Ash dhar lik” means , “what do you think” or “what do you see”, “what’s your opinion”…etc
yes “Dhar” is a verb & means “apear”, so the literal meaning of the expression is: “what does apear to you”

“Ash hebb l’khater” means “what do you wish” or “what do you desire” (khater = taste/mood)
the literal meaning: what does your taste desire, or what do you wish according to your mood / taste.

Ok, much clearer now,

Thanks for your help