ach Dani

Could someone explain what ‘ach Dani’ means? As in ‘ach Dani l’dak Dawar’?
If I try a literal translation than I get [ash] [dda]-[ni] -> [what] (it) [gave]-[me]. Could this be understood as ‘what has come over me’ or ‘what was I thinking’?
Your help is appreciated. mp.

That’s right, but the meaning is wrong, it doesn’t mean “give”.

Ash= what
Dda= took/taken , carried, sent
Ni= refers to “me” (took me, carried me…etc)

Ash ddani = “what has taken me (to there)?” : what made me go ? or the reasons i went for.

“what was i thinkin” is literally wrong, but in the contets, it can express the situation, like: what made me go ? what was i think ?..

Note: sometimes the expression might not refer to being to a place, it can also refer to an act that you regret doing.
EX: why did i beat my son? he wouldn’t have left the house. <— “ash ddani” to beat my son? he…(what made me beat my son…)

Thanks Paperbird!