ach bghit biha ???

Could someone please translate this for me?
ach bghit biha

and also:

Thank you!

mseti = crazy

ach bghit biha = what do you want with/from her?

it would be nice if someone clarifies the b preposition here, as it kinda confused me, i’d normally see: ach bghit mnha?

HOLD UP A SECOND: it says bghit and not bghiti, bghit is “i want” rigghhhht people? uh oh

[quote=LallaAïcha]mseti = crazy

ach bghit biha = what do you want with/from her?[/quote]
its actually what do i want from her

lol…yeah maybe we could say ach bghit biha–what do i want with it or what do i want with her

haha i feel like naughty lil kids messing around in the tarjama until the native speakers come :bb:

HEY!! I am a native speaker!!

ahhhhh barakallahu fik a MR for that!! ive been referring to dudes with the -i ending for a while now… woopss xD

Ach, dude you ARE a naughty lil kid messing around, but here’s a secret: you’re not alone :lol: hey, our intention is to be helpful yak :cool:

no problem :slight_smile:

loolll ya MR i wasnt talking about u i wuz talking 2 lalla but then u replied b4 i could finish my slowww typing haha

w sma7i lya, lakin mlli bgheina n9olo ‘what do u want’ 3la chi wa7id/a, modakkar wla mou2anat, bil darija maghribia tn9olo ‘bgheiti’ surrrre…

ahhaa makayn mochkil :smiley: khod ra7tek! :slight_smile:


Ash bghit biha = what do/would i want with her/it or what have i to do with her/it.

It’s said when u wanna express that you’re in noneed of what they suggested to you, most commonly, not only when you’re in no need of it, but also you’re kind of disliking it or sth…


  • Do u need 9haywa (cofee) after this faty lunch ?
  • No !!! ash bghit biha !!

PB, do you REALLLLLY say qahwa like that??? :blink:


9haywa is small form of 9ahwa (linguisticly)

OooOOOhh okay, was scared there for a sec.

The context (if this helps any) is that Man 1 (for example) is going on vacation without his fiancée. Man 2 asks Man 1 why his fiancée isn`t going with him, and Man 1 replies: ach bghit biha! (then he says, no, no, just kidding)
If that helps clear things up a bit.
And thanks for the replies everyone!

then it’s exactley how i explained it

Thanks paperbird.