Accents in Morocco..

This isn’t a translation request, it’s just a question from the inquisitive moi about the accent variations in Maghreb… anyone who has any information on the variations of pronounciation of certain words according to state/area, please feel free to drop a line here… especially natives…

Thanks a lot. :smiley:

mmmm, i got a looooooooooooooooooooooong list ! i’m a “C/aza/ylashy” , i’ll mention some :slight_smile:

[color=#F4340A][large]Different spelling[/large][/color]
[color=#00EFFF][large]English Dakhiliya Shamaliya[/large][/color]
Eggs l’bayd 'bbaytt
sick mrid mrett
Train tran trn
you nta/nti ntina
mom mmey/mama yemma
brother khoya khay
Mountain jbl djbel
Hi-fi shejjala musajjala
Cous cous kskso sekso
Dark ddlam ddalma

[color=#F4340A][large]Different words[/large][/color]
[color=#00E5FF][large]English Dakhiliya Shamaliya[/large][/color]
Lamp Bola Boombiya
Firemen Boombiya pomperos
Satdium Tiran Campo
Gas station stasyoon pompa
beach plage playa
Horsecar karwila karro
Sun shmsh 9ayla
Boy/girl wld/bent 3ayel/3ayla
Graveyard m9bara/ghbyla ma9bara/djebbaniya
Biscuit Bimo/bshkito Kikes
Cheez farmaj Djben
Road shanti karatera
Wave mooja chali
Shark rroka 9asson
Trip msarya passiyo

waaa thanks so much!!! a whole list! technically two. :smiley:

this is really interesting info, however i’m also interested in differences between, for instance, Marrakech and Casa, or say, Tangiers and Rabat… za3ma, different cities.

New info for my notebook, woop woop :okay: Lah y7fdek

What i’ve given you is between Casa & Asilah, you can concider it Rabat & Tangier :ok:
Casa - Rabat = Dakhil
Asilah - Tangier = Shamal

OK thanks! :okay:

Now this is interesting stuff! About 'bbayt - does that mean b is also a sun letter in Shamaliyya?

bsla = 'bbsal
lblgha = 'bbelgha
lbrd = 'bberd