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When Darija (or just standard Arabic) is written, are there some rules for that how u should write the letters? I mean, when u make the strokes to each letter should it be written like in some similar way everytime (like in japanese u have to know in which way u make the strokes so it could be called a real letter)? This may be a stupid question, but i strated wonder it. And how about… Is it usual that when u write u turn the paper and write vertically instead of horizontally? I just remembered my boyfriend writes this way and i’d like to know more about this. So is there some rules about arabic “calligraphy” if i can call it this way? :smiley: Or is it just that everybody has his own personal style to write it and it’s ok?

I don’t quite understand your question about strokes.

As for writing vertically, it’s not really common. You can do it for fun, but it’s not even a calligraphic style I know of.
Arabic calligraphy is a whole art. I wouldn’t be able to give you “rules” concerning it. Sometimes it’s so artistic, that it’s even hard to read what’s written ^_^.

Here are examples of Arabic calligraphy styles I found online:

I tried to explain my idea as well as i can with my bad english… XD I mean that when for example u write letter ?, should u make the dots in exact order, and then should u first make the ? and then the dots? Do this kind of details matter in arabic writing? Another example, when u write ? should u start making the letter from the top or from the bottom? :smiley: i hope u could get my question now. But i can see that u didnt understand the question initially so then maybe this is not a big matter. Thanks! :smiley:

I didn’t know what you mean by exact order but, no; we don’t start with the dots first, we first write the letter & then start to give it what it should have (dots) to be distinguished from other letters, in the letter you said, after writing the letter, it needs 3 dots, usually & comonly yu put 2 dots next to each other, & the 3rd one between them but a lil higher.
No it doesn’t matter, i mean it does only when someone reading what you wrote, it should’ve been written the right way, but while you “are” writting, it shouldn’t matter as long as you gonna get it right, however, logically you’d better follow the order, i mean it doesn’t make much sense to write the dots first, kinda similar to building the window before the wall :mdr:

Take a 3 years old child & give him a brush & a paint pot & put him next to a white wall, he’ll automatically start the “riot” from the top :slight_smile:
we always start from the top, you can’t write properly if you intend to write the letters starting from the bottom. it’s like writting with the left hand.

WAS I CLEAR STUDENT ! :fouet: :wink:

Haha! :smiley: Thank u so much for the lighting answer. Now i got every information i was looking for. So shortly it does matter somehow how u write the letters, or the parts of the letters, but it is not so strict anyway. I’m sorry my questions may sound funny, but becoz i learned the whole new writing system when studying japanese, and in that language it really does matter how u make the single stroke in the letters. :smiley: So it is confusing when i have to learn new kind of letters. Now I won’t worry that so much. And yea of course it is more logical to start making the letters from the top but u can never know when it comes to new things. XD Thank u!

Then i’d like to ask… Are there some websites and advices how can i learn to WRITE? Haha i mean that here SpeakMoroccan.com u have only the single letters which are given. I should find the pattern how to connect and link the different kind of letters to each other. If there really are that kind of instructions anyway. Coz of course it makes a difference when u write, that do u only write ??? (my boyfriend btw!!! :stuck_out_tongue: ) or ? ? ? ? but the letters just closer each other. (got it?) :smiley: Or should u just learn it when u learn new words, which i find too hard way since if u hear a new word how could u write it unless u know the rules how to link the letters to each other?

Some letters have to be connected, & some can’t be, & others are sometimes conneced & sometimes not.
I don’t know of such websites, but…i think this Arabic keyboard will help a little

you can type & you’ll see how the letters connect.
If your computer system doesn’t support arabic it will show messed up, so show us a screencap of what you get to let you know if its good or not.


Hello Nennu :hap:

As you’re in Finland as well, I’d recommend Faruk Abu-Chacra’s excellent exercise book that you can probably find in the library (depending on where you live, of course). It’s been published in English, Finnish and Swedish (at least), and is great for learning the writing system of Arabic. At least I found it very useful :hap: Good luck!

Ah thank you Jonquix! :slight_smile: I have to go and see. But as i’ve now found some instructions to connecting the letters, i can’t help wondering what’s the case with my name… My name is Sennimari and Khalil told me it should be written like ??? i have managed to type it almost correctly on my own but i keep thinking how can i get that double “n”. What is the character i have to press when trying to make it? Coz i can see it makes longer line and if i press two "n"s it is not the same… And then if that button exists does the same button make the other letters get doubled as well?

Nennu, did you learn about short vowels yet? Those small signs you put on or under a B for example to make it become: ba, bo, bi or b.
Well, there is another sign that creates the effect you’re looking for: stressing on a letter. It’s called shadda. And it looks like a mini seen letter.

So here is how your name would look like with the short vowels, and the stressing on N:


woaah… seems like it’s becoming too hard things too soon. :smiley: i guess i try to move on slowly, but it would be just nice to even know how to spell my name. xD soo… are u saying the style i gave u first is wrong? or just different?

Technically it’s wrong, because it would sound “Sinimari” with one “n” :slight_smile:

yea i thought so… my boyfriend is such a retard. thats why i dnt like him to be involved with my studying. though… he never shows interest. maybe he fears i can find out some secrets if i learn too much xD thanks now i’ll correct it. in finnish Sini and Senni are complete different names… though maybe he thinks my name sounds so… they call me Seni or Sini or Sinni. LAZY!! :smiley:

Do you know what yuor name means ? would you tell us ? just curios :ok:

haha well i would tell if it meant something. :smiley: it is just a name and doesn’t mean a thing :smiley: it originally comes from a greek(?) name Eugenia. XD I have no idea how they turned it to Senni. And Mari comes from the Bible. But Sini means blue. But that was completely diffrent name anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

senni…maybe this can help you


if you scroll down a bit, you can find a chart which lists each letter, in all four forms that you can write them in.

it depends if the letter is the first letter of a word, the last letter, in the middle, or standing alone-- sounds hard, but they are all pretty similar.

but…you may want to start with learning each letter, and the sound that accompanies them-- one of the cool things about arabic is that each letter corresponds to a sound, which doesn’t change. unlike english or french for example, what you see is what you say, exactly.

this is kind of a fun little website that you could check out, with a song lol


good luck!

thanks achminfar9 :slight_smile: that was smthn i am looking for. yea it’s good that the sounds dnt change. it’s like in my language as well so its comfortable. every language has its own specialities and thats what makes it fun to learn! :smiley:

Well :slight_smile: it sounded beautiful for me anyway, & now more beautiful when i know it means blue+mari, blue is my fav color cuz i love the sea, & mari of course, the vergin lady , so good name :hat: