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by the way i found one question to ask))so i’m really curious to know the meaning of male name - Simohammed :roll: i thought it’s maroccan name :unsure: ,but i found here link with list of male name and i didn’t find this one there,could u help me with this?

Dasha, the name in question is actually Mohamed. The ‘si’ at the beginning is an honorific. It is the Moroccan way of saying, ‘sayyed’, which has two different meanings. Sometimes it is an indication that the bearer is a descendant of the Prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him. Other times, it simply means, ‘Mr.’.

By the way, is there any culturally limiting practice in Morocco which allows only descendants of the Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) to be addressed as. ‘Si’? In some other countries such relatives are know as 'Shareef’s, I know I look silly asking this question, but, so what?

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shukran bezaf for so deep explaination of this name :ty:


I got this explanation from my teacher:

a’ si Mohammed and Lalla Fatima are used to call a person who’s name we don’t know, or even if we do know the name it is used as a form of respect.

“si” comes from “sidi” witch means mister (Mr.)

ex.: Goul-liya a’si Mohammed, ach katdir? (Tell me Mr. Mohammed, what are you doing?)=(Mohammed what are you doing?)

you can also use it for people you wouldn’t call Mr. in English, young people, friends, …

you also will hear people called Mohammed, being called SIMO instead. Short form SI + MO (Sidi + Mohammed)

for older people they use

l’hasch (m.) and l’hascha (f.) refering to the pilgrinage to Mekka ( L’Hajj)

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thnx a lot soulpelgrim!! very useful answer!! :smiley: