A Spam Message

[color=#F81506]- Contains Spam -[/color]

errr why r u spamming the website? lol

lol sneakercn that’s why you registered here, just for a comercial :huh:
anyway welcome with us :slight_smile:

Let’s just wait for SM to delete this and all the other spams from sneakercn

LoL i agree nuwwara… where is the boss of this forum when u need her? :hap:

Sorry, I didn’t see this in time. You can just click on the report button of a spam message, so that I get a notification and delete the spam.

Thanks, I will remember that for the next time.

Shukran kâmlîn for keeping an eye on the forum :).

That is also in our interest.

i just noticed ‘kamlin’ which means? i’ve heard kamlo before (i think)

Kamlin = All.

Kamlo/kmmlo = they finished, or you § finish.