A proverb and something else....

Salam all, haven’t been around much because of uni and all… i have 2 quick translations that i need…

Here we go:

  • t3allemti tspiki <-- i have no clue what this means

  • Drabni w bka, sba9ni w shka <— I was told this one is a proverb and apparently it means something close to “you hit and then you cry” but i actually want to know the literal and practical meaning, if possible. Thanks

Thanks a lot. :^^:

Take care

Hello there Lalla Aicha. I think the first one is a Moroccanization of the English verb “to speak”. That is, it means, “You learned to speak!” As for the second one, its literal translation is, “He hit me and (he) cried; he won and (he) complained.” It means that the other guy does something wrong and then proceeds to act in the manner one would expect of the person to whom such things have been done.

Thanks a lot for your most articulate and detailed explanation :slight_smile: This helped a great deal!
Lah ykhlliki

The first translation is exactly as Umm Maryam kindly explained.
I think that some Moroccan told you that either ironically or jokingly to comment on your new abilities to speak a dialect/language you didn’t speak before, or a new ability to speak up your mind whilst you used to be shy before.

For the second, sbaqni is not actually he won, but it’s he went first.
He hit and he cried, he outran and complained.
As Umm Maryam explained, this is meant to tell you that you’re the one who did wrong, yet you’re the one who is complaining. Like in a little fight between two kids, you hit your sister, then you’re the one who runs first to complain to your mom not to get grounded.

LOL, yes i could sense some irony in that anyway + something else :blink: :lol:

Thank u both bzaf bzaf for the wonderful explanations, seriously they put images in my mind :smiley: that’s how awesome they are!