a note to Bnat Zagora & Bnat Baj3ad

Well, I arrived the day before yesterday to Chicago…, and today, I commenced my fellowship…Chicago is cold place and it is even colder when you’re lone. …However, I do not feel well. It maybe feverishness, or jet lag, or something else. I cannot be certain. Perhaps, I am thinking more than is necessary about Zagora and Baj3ad. I have an uneasy feeling I cannot shake off, though, I’ve tried to overcome it.

Adieu, hope to see you soon.

hamdolah 3la selamtek
yeeep, is very cold there nd is normal what u re feeling coz u re newcomer, but tries to take advantage of your distance there, sure there re many things that u´ll like nd people that will make u a good company, nd tries to not think a lot in your fear

But can I be me universally?