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hi. i need sum help w translating two email sent to me. all the emails i’ve send back to my moroccan friend bounce back so i can’t get her to translate for me!

salut, kidayr labasse alik twhchtek bzaf daba ana wyak assdikae wratbka had sadaka binatna lil abad nta lwahid likantik fik oratkon a3az sadik okantmnalik sa3ada otlka bent lit3eche m3aha fsa3ada ama ana mamktabliyache m3ak ma3liche hta asdika bhal kot lmohim thla frassek bay bisou

salut kidayr labasse alik ache kat3awed kayn sayiat wla lhassanat wlahila twhecht sotek kidayr m3a chi kdma thla frassek bsslama hawel tred alia yak hna asdikae

i can only pick out a few words and i will thank you so much if you can help!

Welcome Salinas. Would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself and what makes you interested in Darija and Morocco in the new members’ section? Other members will be happy to welcome you :).

Now to the translations. Both messages are sent to a guy.

Hello. How are you? Is everything okay with you? I miss you so much. We are now friends, and our friendship will stay forever. You’re the only one I can trust, and you will be my dearest friend, and I wish you happiness and that you find the girl that you will live with in happiness. As for me, I am not meant to be with you, not even just as friends like a brother and sister. Anyways, take care of yourself. Bye. Kiss.

Hello. How are you? Is everything okay with you? What’s up? Are you making sins or good deeds? I really miss your voice. How’s work? Take good care of yourself. Bye. Try to reply to me, aren’t we friends?