A little trouble about a conversation, please help me translate

Hello! Im having a conversation with a moroccan friend of me and would really like some help to understand it completely because im new to learning moroccan.

Cv 3lik

Wash kadiri mhaya swab
Cv 3liya ou hlik nti

Fin had ighbor b3da



Ana rani kant fl WhatsApp dima

Walkin makatbghix thder m3aya ana intkanxifk 7al
Knt kanxofk

Cv 3lik- is everything good w u? cv is shortened ça va from french

Wash kadiri mhaya swab- are you doing (swab?) with me… the closest word i can think for swab is like fixing smth?

Cv 3liya ou hlik nti- im good and u?

Fin had ighbor b3da- where is this “ighbor” idk if thats a place or what

Twahechtini- do u/ did u miss me?

Ah- ya

Ana rani kant fl WhatsApp dima- i was always on whatsapp

Walkin makatbghix thder m3aya ana intkanxifk 7al
Knt kanxofk- but she doesnt want to talk to me i saw you open i used to see u …dont totally get that one without context fickfnc

Swab means formal politeness. So the person is asking something like: are you acting formal with me?

Lghbor means absence.
Fin had ighbor b3da means where did you disappear?