A little help, please? :)

I went on my facebook this morning, only to find my fiance and his friends making comments on pictures (a picture of me, my fiance and his mother, to be more exact). Just wondering if anyone could kindly translate these for me…:

“rak bogoss alkhayb”
“lah i hafdak a ssi tarik”

Thank you!

rak bogoss means your goodlooking it derives from the french beau goss.
It’s followed by alkhayb which litteraly means you ugly. Meant as a joke ofcourse Your goodlooking, you ugly.
second sentence:
May Allah protect you Mister Tarik I presume that’s your fiancé’s answer.
Which is lahy7fdek a si Tarik

Thank you so much! Your help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile: