a letter from my brother in law


I have received a message from my brother in law, I can understand a big part of the message but not the whole message. Could you help me, please?

sava f rer sv alik manik lbas alik rak nta khouya oratb9a khouya hata lmot

Thank you very much for your help

Hi !

“I’m fine, in RER, How are you ? you are my brother and you’ll be my brother till death”

Thanks a lot for your quick reply :smiley:

I guess that khouya can be translated also as “sister” since I’m a girl…

Thanks again for your help

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

No, you’re wrong, Khouya doesn’t mean sister, it means only brother. Maybe the message was sent to someone else.


it was received in my e-mail account. Maybe he was wrong and wanted to send it to his brother… thanks a lot again

yeah maybe it was that ! well you’re welcome, it was a pleasure to help you :slight_smile: