a joke (translation from arabic to english)

Hi could someone please translate this joke for me? many thanks!

A Moroccan says to an Algerian: “Entouma el djazairiyin tahadro el aarbiya mkhalta belfrançawiya!”
The Algerian :" Hna? Jamais!"

LoL, good one!

A Moroccan says to an Algerian: “You Algerians speak Arabic mixed with French!”
The Algerian :" Us? Jamais!"

Jamais is a French word meaning “never”.

Great! what a quick reply! Thanks, I thought it had something to do with mixing French and Arabic!
Merci :slight_smile:

And you were right. You can compare the translation with the original word by word, same structure.

You’re welcome.

LOL i think i’ve heard this before