A few words and clarification requested

I would be very gratefull for some help with the following questions.

  1. Whats the difference betwen Xssni and kan-htaj? Both of the verbs seem mean ‘to need’.

  2. Whats the difference beetween umtilla and mitel (do they both mean ‘example’?)

  3. What is a shbka? is it a plastic bag or something?

  4. Does shwaya mean ‘grilled’ and ‘mjmar’ mean the actual grill/bbq ?


Khssni/Khassni = I should, I ought to, but it also means I need.
Kan7taj means solely I need.

Amtila is plural of mital, example.
Mitel is MSA mainly, and it means like. In Darija we say b7al, or f7al, or kima.

It could mean many things. But it’s not a plastic bag.
It could be anything with holes, from a plastic plate, to a piece of cleaning material.
Look at this:

As it has holes, we call it mchebbek, or even chebka itself.

This is a chewaya:

Mejmar is this:

So both tools are needed for a good BBQ.

The grill itself is called chewa/shewa.

marukhra, shukran