A few random words from English into Darija please

I’d be really grateful if someone could translate these words into Darija for me:

  1. education
  2. funeral
  3. wedding
  4. soon
  5. free (as in costs nothing)
  6. free (as in freedom)
  7. healthy
  8. different
  9. a charity (as in “I work for a charity”)
  10. open-minded

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I’d be grateful too if i could see you happt for this.

1) education = ta’âlim (ta3lim)
2) funeral = gnaza
3) wedding = zwaj
4) soon = krib (9rib)
5) free (as in costs nothing) = fabor
6) free (as in freedom) = msali
7) healthy = s’hih (s7i7)
8) different = mbeddel
9) a charity (as in “I work for a charity”) = mou’âssassa khayriya
10) open-minded = mtfetteh (mtfette7).

Waitin’ for greetin’ dude !! :smiley:

Choukran bezaf Dafir - I might need to use some of them by the end of this week, so that’s really helpful :smiley:

Let there be right DARIJA then !! :smiley:

I think there is also another word for wedding : 3rs

Is there a difference in meaning between 3rs and zwaj ?

No difference between the both words… The same meanin’.
U’re progressin’ lise… and thanks for helpin’ !!

Thank you lise . . . Dafir, you say there’s no difference between the words, but I wondered if there’s a similar differentiation between ‘to be married/wed’ and the actual wedding day? In England we might say we attend a wedding but we might not witness the actual marriage ceremony - just go to the reception/party afterwards. Knowing that zwaj is very similar to the verb ‘to marry’, would this be used only for the official act of marrying or for the whole wedding day? Hope that makes sense?!