a few miscellaneous questions

There are a few phrases I’ve been trying to use in Darija, but I’m unsure of a few things…

  1. For “Do you have…” - I’ve seen wash 3ndk and wash 3ndkom. Which one is correct?

  2. For “hello” - I’ve seen La bes, Marhaba, and Salaam. I understand some of the literal differences between them, but when would each one be used?

  3. How could I ask a food vendor - “What is good and fresh?”

  4. Olive oil. I believe I’ve seen this translated as ‘zitoun’. Is this correct?

Thanks again!!

Hello inquisitive1,

wash 3ndk” = “do you have” (when you ask one persone)
wash 3ndkom” = “do you have” (plural)

if you want to say “how are you?” you can say “la bes?” (its translation word by word is “no matter?”), but you can say “la bes” to say “I am fine” (its “no matter”)

Marhaba” = “welcome” and “Salaam” = “hello, hi

What is good and fresh?” = “chno li mzyane o ttri

Olive oil” = “zite zitoune” (zite=oil)

I hope its ok, see you :slight_smile:

Shukran bezzef!

Well done, devanymix :).
I’d say that the literal translation for labas is no harm.
inquisitive1, did you check our greeting lesson? It has some greetings expressions for you to get familiar with.