A $177,612,580 electricity bill

[quote]CAMBRIDGE, England, June 16 (UPI) – An English woman who lives alone in a one-bedroom apartment says she was shocked to receive a $177,612,580 electricity bill.

Alison Turner, 50, of Cambridge said she received a letter from Npower June 15 explaining she owed the massive sum due to previous undercharging, the Daily Mail reported Monday.

“This is because your token meter was undercharging you because our prices have changed since it was last reset,” the letter stated.

Turner said she should not have received any bill at all from the company because she paid in advance.

“I switched to Npower in January but found I was paying more so switched back to Eon after a month,” she said.

An Npower spokesman said the bill has been canceled.

“We found the letter and what has happened is our eight-digit account number has been inserted in place of the outstanding balance. It was a human error,” the spokesman said. “When the customer contacted us, we immediately apologised and wiped the debt, which was actually 22 pounds ($43).”[/quote]

Phew! That was a happy ending. :lol: These news are fun to read!