7yak allah

is this said just randomly? i mean, what are the reasons perhaps why this is said to someone?

Also, what is the purpose of “lebeih” said to someone when they call his/her name, for example:

Bob: SAMI!!
Sami: Lbeih.
Bob: yalbah 9albek

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

btw it’s clear that this isn’t moroccan, it’s mid eastern/hijazi/gulf talk. but i put it here coz noone looks at the “l3rabiyya” section of the forum :^^:

I do…

We say 7yak llah , but it has a different meaning.

7ayyak Allah means simply Allah salutes you, which is an equivalent for Salam 3lykom.
Lebeih = in his(your) service/order…
Labbayk Allahumma labbayk, ever heard of it ?

yeah i know pb you’re the only one that comes there, though i get quicker replies here yak :slight_smile: thanks a lot walla

i’ve heard labayk allahomma labayk, its what ppl say at 7ajj at a certain time and place i think… and it means something like I answered your call ya Allah, (here i am)…

so with Lebeih, the person is just sort of answering the other’s call, just like they’d say “na3am” or “hala”

allah y7fdek a sidi for your reply