does that mean “i got embarrassed”? i can’t think of anything else, and i know my translation is wrong

the reason for the funny spelling is cause i heard it with a shadda on the sh, so i wrote it out twice.

thanks in advance w llah y7fdkom

this is what i think:

7sh-shamni (however it’s spelled) means “he embarrassed me” (masculine)
so the fem. would be 7sh-shamatni “she embarrased me” (i think…anyone who knows jump in and correct me if needed)

if you were going to say “i got embarrassed” it’d be 7sh-shmt (sp?)

hopefully i helped :slight_smile:
…and if i didn’t than hopefully i learn something :stuck_out_tongue:

that totally makes sense, well at least to me… i know 7shemt is i got embarrassed, i just couldn’t find an explanation for 7ashemni at the time… but he made me embarrassed/he gave me shame kinda translations fit well… and in the context too

thanks mimi for your input and i’ll wait for others to confirm what you said, since you said you’re slightly unsure :wink: i give credence to your post though

thats what i thought when i looked it…so maybe?

&& no problem lalla, i just hope i helped somehow :slight_smile:
thank you for giving credence to my post.

“Mregt” is another informal word to express it.

mregt za3ma 7shemt wla 7sh-shemni?

i’m guessing it’s 7shemt, after analysing the conjugation

Yes, it’s 7shemt.

cool, noted it down. ty

No problem!