7aram for Ramadan, 7alal for the rest of the year

Some people quit doing certain things during Ramadan, out of respect for the holy month… for example, they stop listening to music, and as soon as Ramadan is over, back to the dj. Or worse, some might read Quran in Ramadan only and forget about it the rest of the year (we know it’s a sin!!), some do not go to the mosque but for tarawi7 in Ramadan, some do not pray at all but in Ramadan…
What do you call that? Religious hypocrisy?
Of course Ramadan is a special month, and it needs special treatment, but honestly, when you quit some things for Ramadan, then you know that they are bad at the first place, so why do them again?

Do YOU do any of the above or anything similar? (errr… it’s music for me :gb:

This Ramadan was the firts time i finish the Mos7af, the whole 60 7izb. now i don’t read it…at all :huh:

same for music, in fact even in Ramadan i used to listen to Nasheeds, i don’t know if that counts as music.

The only thing i didn’t forsake is prayer in the mosque, Al 7amdulilah, because i started it even before Ramadan comes.

euuuh personally i dont stop listenin to music in ramadan
about readin quran , well normally in ramadan i finish it all but durin the whoooole year i cant ( i know its bad )

galk a syadna l islam nzel 3la lmeghrib l3arabi … tunisia khdat chahadatayn ( bnadm meslem gha b smeya chi 3ibada lah yjib lol ) algeria khdaw l7aj ( ga3 lja2iriyin 7jaj :smiley: ) mouritania salat ( makay9t3ouch sla douk nass w lfawa7ech ara berre3 :stuck_out_tongue: ) libia zakat ( 3tahom llah flouss lach aydiro chi lakhor ) lmeghrib sawmo ramadan ( l3am kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaml w 7na tassa w lbiran w stounat kayji remdan 7beeeeeeeeeeeesss yalah nseliw tarawi7 )

ps- this is just a joke , i know f ay blad kayn zwin wl khayeb :wink:

sadly i’m a bit like that too, i mean this ramadan i was shocking in comparison to the previous years, i listened to music yet i read a bit of qur’an BUT i was proud of myself for praying most of the taraweeh prayers, & i don’t mean 8 rak3at, i mean 20 rak3at every night + isha prayer… l7amdolillah for that. The thing with me is, i need to listen to music when i’m studying, it’s a retarded habit but thats why i listened to music even in ramadan… may Allah forgive me

d same thing for me … i cant study without music :S ( i tried anasheed it doesnt work for me )

May Allah forgive you too.



thnx duuuude :slight_smile: