5 Words Game

I will suggest 5 words, and the person that is coming next has to use them all in a small text, and then give the 5 next words :^^:.

I will not make it easy for ya, but for a start I’ll be nice :hap:.

Greedy, hair, green, out, desk.

When my greedy boss came to my desk and he saw me with green colored hair, he run out of the office with no words.

My new words:


When I was sick and staying in bed, I always had that spoon next to me to take medicine in time. I had that hope to be able to go out soon and sit on the grass in the garden. The idea of doing so made me feel already better.


My words:
Butter, laser, glasses, nose, bag.

PS: Of course the shortest your text is, the best! So Ales did score high in using the 5 words in a text of 25 words, while mine was of 50 words :blink:

“I ate some butter and wore glasses to fire your nose with my lasser gun in the bag” :slight_smile:

my words

chess, king, torture, pieces, life

Life is like a game of chess where you are the king, and have pieces to move, and must overcome the torture of loosing them.

My words:
Spoon, room, studies, skirt, bottle :^^:

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