3rf learning struggle

I recently learned about the verb ‘To know’, I was studying the verb, in past future and present tense.


Ghadi n3rf
Ghadi t3rf


And I asked my wife “how do I say, I know how to speak darija” in Darija just to confirm if it was what I thought “kan3rf keef m3a hdr Darija”, she said something completely different, and j forgot most of it, but I think she said, “3rft (something something) Darija”, and I also saw on the speak Moroccan website, a few words and phrases that are translated to Darija, and ‘I know’ is ‘3rft’. And I asked how that was possible, if that’s the past tense, she didn’t give a clear answer (that’s why I’m here).

My question is, how come I’m told it’s wrong in what I said, and the correct version is the past tense, and how come he negative has 2 choices, ma n3rf, and ma3raftsh. Which one is correct? And how is the one I said in the present tense not correct, none of it makes sense, and are there other verbs like this? If so I’d like to know so I can be prepared, because this is the only verb so far I’ve had to deal with this confusion.


for the term “ma n3rf” it’s more like vague on the subject that you don’t know about // whilst the term “ma3raftch” is more specific to not knowing … and ana niit ma3arfch chno tari fe had darija