why do some ppl say 3lah instead of 3lach and kifah instead of kifach… don’t tell me its a typo because i’ve also heard it wiz my earz

cheb hasni (who is algerian i know!) says 3laaah ya bent nass, bs why? is it just his regional algerian accent?, and do some moroccans say it too?

chukran :^^:

It’s just a matter of accents, but yeah, in Algeria they say 3lah, they also say 3lash but 3lah is a common accent.

In Morocco it’s said sometimes in some cases, still cases of accents.

THANK YOUUU :smiley:

we say 3lash in the NW so prob in other parts of Algeria they say 3lah even though ive never actually heard anyone say it lol

Yes, we do say 3lah, it’s just like 3lach.
But we never ever say kifah. Kifah? Menin jebtiha?! Nonononono we do not say kifah. No kifah in Darija, just kifach.

thanks guys, kifah was also algerian, not moroccan so keep it cool :stuck_out_tongue:

u know this word “3lah” , once i read it, it imidiately reminded me to a skit with which a Lotfi song starts… the guy says to the other one who is coming to seek a job: “ehii w 3lah jay l 3andna hna w 3lah” :rofl:

the song is “system fou”

I love lotfi DK, and the conversations at the start of some of his songs, even if i understand veeeery little of what’s being said…

u can always ask for transations :ok: & it would be anybody’s pleasure :wink:

THANKS :slight_smile: believe me, in 3 weeks time i’ll have no exams left and that’s when i’ll be loading this section with translations :smiley: :smiley: you’ll tell me “BARAKAAAA” j,k

:blink: hurry up every body, run if u wanna survive

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btw speaking of “barakaaaaa”, everytime i say it i remember your buddy Bigg’s song “Lkhouf” when he says it at the start :mdr:

It actually reminds me to Gnawa Diffusion’s “Barakat” (wa barakaaaaat wa baraka, wa barakat mn skat baraka…) :okay:

lol never heard that song, ive seen a few vids of gnawa diffusion and personally didn’t find it my type of genre. but if you say its a good song i might look it up

“Barakat” is not th eperfect song of G.D, but it’s cool, & they have some cool stuff…especially the album “Souk System” (System market)

LOLLLL souq system is original!! i like.

thanks khoyaaaa :hap:

do you listen to hoba hoba spirit

Hoba hoba, nope ! i find them lame… i listened to fews songs, i figured out that they just …i don’t know !!

anyway, here’s a link to “souk system” , barakat is the second in the playlist

edit: in fact i linked to “barakat” alone

lol i like the start, perfect for a ringtone!

loooll w barakaaaat w baraka w baraka(t) mn skat baraka… is skat silence?

its actually ok, the song… but, it needs to have more motion … just chwia more

yes, Skat means scilence, according to the song context it means coward scilence.

More motion ! listen to the full “souq system” & u’ll probably find what u want.

Was that addressed to me? :stuck_out_tongue:
I was actually trying to act cool with the nonononon. Too bad, you failed to see it lolll
No seriously, I AM cool :wink: