kandnn bin kull wahed 3eyyan shwiya;
kayen ghir shwiya d n-nas lli kaydiru d-durus dyal-hum f had l-muntad?h u
ma-shft-sh 7tta wa7ed mewDu3 mufid men daba 'usbú3.
3andi l-7qq aw la?

u fiyn hiya, s-sensúl d had l-mawqi3? hadi muda ma-shft-ha hna.

Love the drawing !

Let me have a go at translating :

I think everyone is a bit tired. ( bin = between ??)
There are only a few people doing the lessons of this muntadah (?)
and I haven’t seen anybody mewDu3 (?) mufid = important ? men = from daba = now usbu3 = week ?
Am I right or not ?

And where is the sensul (?) of the site. It’s a long time since I’ve seen her here.

Are the parts that I think I understand correctly translated ? and could you help me with the (for me) new words - SHUKRAN, maarten.

This is what I intended to say:

I think everybody’s a bit tired, right?
kanDnn bin/belli = I think that

There aren’t too many people making their excercises in this forum
The word Al-Muntad?h (???) is Arabic for ‘forum’.

[ma-shft-sh] [7tta] wa7ed [mewDu3 mufid] [men daba] ['usbú3].
lit. [I did not see] [even] [an interesting topic] [since] [a week]
and there haven’t been any exciting new posts since last week

[u fiyn hiya], [s-sensúl] [d had] [l-mawqi3]?
lit. [and where (is) she], [the backbone] [of this] [website]
and where is the mainstay/driving force of this forum?
(I don’t know the darija translation for ‘mainstay’.
I used ‘s-sensúl’ (which means spinal/vertebral column) figuratively here.
Pretty sure though, this is an expression you won’t hear from any Moroccan).

Hello Maarten, and Lisec :).

I couldn’t be here lately. Often, there are times when I get too busy to post on the forum. But you did a good job Maarten, always posting new things. Please keep up the good work, I appreciate it, and I know many other members do as well :).

Some corrections on my way in the thread?

[quote][ma-shft-sh] [7tta] wa7ed [mewDu3 mufid] [men daba] ['usbú3].
lit. [I did not see] [even] [an interesting topic] [since] [a week]
and there haven’t been any exciting new posts since last week[/quote]
After 7ttâ, you use shî, not wâ7d. Unless if you mean nobody: 7ttâ wâ7d.

Mn dâbâ usbô3 is actually: in a week. Mn dâbâ = starting from now.
Since a week / it’s been a week = Hâdî simâna.

That was so nice :).
I think though that sensôl of SM is you guys.

Thanks, SM. We do know you can’t be here all the time. But we DO miss you when you’re away :wink:

And thanks again, maarten, for all your work and fantastic resources. I think you are our ‘deputy’ sensol ! :okay:

Just a little English lesson, because I think there are several people who also get some practice with their English on this site (as I do with my French) :

‘since’ refers to a point in time,
‘for’ refers to a period of time

e.g. I haven’t seen him for more than 2 months.
I haven’t seen him since Christmas.